As a programmer who loves what they do, I have an opportunity to make some extra money with personal projects. The ability to create websites that have functionality is a pretty good skill to have and I’ve made a bit of money off it in the past.  However, with the increase of family size over the last three years, I’ve found it harder and harder to achieve what I have in the past – the ability to sit down for a few hours of solid concentrated programming.

No surprises there, I hear you say. Sure, I won’t lie about knowing the fact that a family means less time for personal things, but I believed I could still find a small amount of time to achieve something. While I’ve had time in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed, I’ve found it very VERY difficult to find the energy – and the required concentration level – to actually do work. Three kids takes a lot out of you (and I don’t even begin to imagine how my wife feels).

What I will do, though, is persevere. I have some projects in the pipeline that could do well, so I want to see them through. The solution, I think, is just to take it a bit slower, and not over-book myself. We’ll see how it goes.