Well, today marks the start of a long and (expecting tiresome) eight days.  I’m staying with my brother-in-law the night before an AUC iOS Development workshop in Sydney.  This runs for three days (yes, including a Saturday), where I’ll return home Sunday morning.  Then on Monday morning, at 8am sharp, I head off to Wagga for three days (providing it’s not under water by that time) for my work department’s two-day group hug.

It’ll be a round trip of about 1400 kms, give or take, six nights and seven days away from home.  Add on top of that, that my girls haven’t seen me since Tuesday morning, makes it a very tiring week for all concerned.

I’m really looking forward to the workshop, though.  Ever since I was lucky enough to go to WWDC last year, I’ve been keen to get into iPhone application development.  Unfortunately, things got in the way (CSU rules about using work equipment for outside ventures among them) but now I’ve been given the chance, by CSU no less, to get into it properly and I’m grabbing hold of it with both hands and not letting go.

Oh, the Christmas Tree did end up assembled last night (at 2am), I took pictures as well, but they’re on my PC at home, so I’ll put them up, hopefully with photos of it decorated when I get back.