I was really hoping to blog The Long Way Aroundtm while I was traveling but the internet failed me where I was staying, in both locations no less, so I was unable to.

Anyway, part two of The Long Way Aroundtm was about the iOS SDK Workshops I attended in Sydney.  The workshops themselves were held at the Saxon Training Centre in Barrack St, Sydney (between York and George Streets), which is close to my old stomping ground ten years ago.

I was a bit worried, initially, of the assumed knowledge for the workshop, as the AUC advertised it for all levels of knowledge. However, my worries were all for naught as it turned out to start at the basic level. I had a little bit of knowledge from my WWDC trip last year, but I’d forgotten most of it. Most of the other attendees had no knowledge of Objective-C at all so it was a pretty level playing field.

They started with the basics and I found getting back into the content fairly easy.  As the workshop went on, the content got progressively more advanced, without getting too much so. In retrospect, it was probably one of the best workshops/training sessions I’d attended in that they covered the material well, at a pace that didn’t leave people behind, but didn’t lag too long. I came out of the three days feeling confident that I could start my first iPhone project easily.

Over the course of the three days I was there, I was able to catch up with friends I’d not seen in a long time. I was able to catch up with Neil on Friday where he showed me around Chinatown, something I’d never done before. We then went and saw the latest Harry Potter film.
Saturday night was spent at my old housemates place for a BBQ. I’d not caught up with these guys for a very long time. It was a fantastic night, and I think we talked about almost everything I can think of, ranging from mobile phones, to movies, to other friends, to work.

The next morning I headed home to Bathurst (after taking a long way around in itself getting out of the city). I got home around lunch time and it was a good feeling, albeit for 18 hours. The girls were over the moon to see me (which always gives you a warm fuzzy feeling).