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Facebook; Changed how we classify friends forever.

There are many things that Facebook has facilitated with the dawn of social networking, with people being able to stay connected more than before and other fascinating past times (we won’t speak of little games where you need to spend countless hours harvesting crops and feeding animals). One downside to it all, I believe, is that the definition of ‘friend’ has diluted somewhat. When I signed up a few years ago, I didn’t have many people on my ‘friends list’. I would find an actual personal friend who was also on Facebook and added them to my friends list. Not long after though, people started adding me to their friends list, acquaintances of people I know at The LAN, friends of friends who knew of me but not really that well and people I used to go to school with. More recently, I’d been adding people who played a specific game to benefit from the in game features that a friend provides (many Facebook games do).

Not long ago, I added a Greasemonkey script to notify me when a friend removed me from their list. I hadn’t really thought about it, but my main motivation was around the people I added for the game, so I can keep tab on how many people I can play against in the game.  However, a side effect is that I was notified of someone who I went to school with removing me from their friends list. This person wasn’t a close friend, but they were friendly to me, even posted on photos of my girls. It’s created an uneasy feeling in me and I’m starting to question my reasons (or whether I’d thought it through properly) for having the script. I’ve started asking myself if I should just clean out my ‘friends list’ and only have people I can actually call a friend.

Why do you add someone to your friends list?