So another football (soccer) season has finished – this season I moved to Bathurst United from Churches and I enjoyed it immensely. The group of guys in the team, dubbed ‘Dad’s Army’, have such a laid back attitude that made the game just that much more enjoyable, even if we didn’t win many games.  They are mostly, as the team name suggests, fathers and close to my age which made it all that much easier to fit in.

Now that the season is over, my attention turns to keeping fit in the off-season and with the performances of the past season gone in mind, I’ve set myself another weight loss goal of 20kgs by April next year (the rough starting time of next season).  We’re talking 20kgs in 31 weeks, so it’s definitely doable, however, I’ll have to be extra careful with Christmas in the middle of it.

I’ll be using this blog to keep a diary, so hopefully in turn, it will keep me motivated – I’ll have to draw up some graph widget to add in there as well.

So, here’s to weight-loss and the challenge ahead!