So, I’m in Melbourne for a few days for Swipe Conference, an iOS/OSX developers conference. I’m really excited as it’s the first time since WWDC 2009 that I’ve had a chance to get dirty with iOS development with other developers. It should be invaluable to my Post grad work as well as my Uni/Personal mobile dev work as well.

I flew from Bathurst to Sydney after an awesome Father’s Day lunch at Sal’s parents place and then from Sydney to Melbourne. To my surprise (although it’s not when thinking about it in hindsight) both flights were full. September seems to be the ‘conference month’ with a large group from Bathurst & Orange going down to Melbourne on the same flights as me for a conference for their work too. The Sydney to Melbourne flight was uncomfortable but thankfully the time passed quickly as I was watching the in-flight TV.

I’ve only been to Melbourne a handful of times but it’s different to Sydney. The Sydney CBD is full of people, even up to 11pm at night, no matter the day of the week.  I arrived in Melbourne around 9pm and caught a ($62) taxi ride to the CBD where my hotel is and there’s hardly a soul in sight.  I took a walk after checking in to the nearest Woolies (~1km) to get some breakfast stuff and while there was a lot of people on Bourke Street, it still had nothing on George Street in Sydney.   You might think that’s a good thing, especially if you are from Melbourne, but it was actually quite unnerving and spooky. When Google Maps told me to walk down an alley as a short cut to the shopping centre, I summarily ignored it.

I bought some milk and cereal for breakfast this week but when I got back to the hotel room, I realised I had no bowls to eat cereal. I’ll have to eat out of a coffee mug tomorrow and then buy some plastic bowls after the conference.

I hope to write a bit of a report each night, so I’ll leave it here and get a relatively early night in prep for the early registration at the conference in the morning.