There’s just a few things that bug me about Facebook, it’s news feed sorting for one, sponsored ads in the mobile feed is another as well as people just blindly sharing stuff without thought to what they’re actually sharing (hoax posts etc). However, the one I’m posting about today is where people post stuff without any thought to who on their friends list can read it.

Sometimes you might want to be a little bit delicate about who reads your posts. I’m not talking about hiding stuff from your friends but at least tailoring the post’s visibility to ensure people who don’t need (or want) to see such a post don’t.

The post visibility is located as a little icon at the end of the post metadata (the line under the post where you can Like, Comment and the date the post was made).


You can change this setting while posting. When you update your status, the post setting is near the post button.


Public means everyone (on Facebook) can see it. Friends means only your friends list can see it. Only me should be self explanatory. You can also select Close Friends or Family, if you have chosen to use these automatic lists. The Custom one is the one I want to highlight.

The Custom option enables you to select specific (custom) lists you may have created or even selected specific people.


In the drop down box you can select Friends of friends, Friends (this is the same as selecting friends in the step before), Specific People or Lists… or Only Me. The Friends of those tagged option allows the friends of people you may have tagged in the post (a bit like friends of friends but if you have the post set to a specific privacy other than friends of friends, this setting overrides that).

Selecting Specific People or Lists gives you a text box for you to enter a list or lists or even people on your friends list. Whoever you type in this box, your post will only appear for them!

The bottom part is for hiding posts from specific people or lists. Any person or list you type into this box will exclude them from seeing the post (the opposite of the top part).

One final thing to be aware of is that once you’ve posted with your custom privacy/visibility settings, these settings are visible when you hold your mouse over the visibility/privacy icon in the post metadata. So, sneaky attempts to hide things from your husbands or wives will be seen by the people who can see the post.

Hope this was helpful to some people and helps prevent posting that silly perve or rant to people who just don’t want to see it.