A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...
Finding one of these in the middle of the night with your foot will redefine the meaning of pain for you. 

I’ve done something to my neck… I’ve slept on it funny or, as I’m getting more and more suspicious about, did something to my back and/or neck when trying to awkwardly carry my four year old daughter from our bed back to her bed at some stupid hour of the morning. I remember being very groggy and half-asleep at the time and struggling to hold onto her as I carried her back down the hallway.

Now, as I try to keep my head as still as possible so as to not cause myself pain (which is annoying in itself because I have three monitors at work and I am accustomed to turning to look at each one while I work), I think about how dangerous children are. I mean, they’re really really dangerous! Little ankle-biters running around under your feet, the possibility of tripping over them and clocking yourself on the kitchen bench is a real possibility, hitting your hand with the hammer while building a cubby house for them, maybe even hitting your head on said cubby house while you play house with them. And, let’s not forget how freaking painful stepping on Lego is! I’m wondering if the ABS actually collate stats on child-related deaths – it could be that bad!

Our  girls are now five and four and have a unpopular habit of appearing in our bed during the night – our Son (2) doesn’t do it yet, he just appears at 6.30am toting his favourite catch phrase “Milk-an-bix”. It doesn’t happen every night, but when it does, we usually discover them by the fact that we’ve almost fallen out of bed (another possible injury!). I’m forced to carry them back to their beds or Mummy and Daddy end up waking up awfully cranky because of lack of (quality) sleep. They’re not getting any lighter either. I’m worried that at some point, I’m going to either really throw my back out, or trip over something, or step on that freaking piece of Lego!

Kids are dangerous!

Seriously though, I love my kids to bits but… damn, my neck hurts!