This post may contain spoilers, you have been warned. Also, forgive me GoT experts, if I misspell any names.

And so ends another season of Game of Thrones, the third in the series. Not having read the books, like some, I’ve got no idea what’s coming. That said, I have found this season pretty good, following the ups and downs of the story (although it’s been more downs this season). It didn’t really live up to the war hype that HBO fed us before the season started though.

One thing that bugged me about season three was the number of concurrent story lines going at the same time each episode. In the early part of the season, there was so much going on, that the scenes were quite short and they left me feeling a bit perplexed.

That awkward moment when you start liking the bad guys…

You may have heard of all the negative backlash HBO received over the “Red Wedding” episode (S03 E09). While I was pretty stunned with the episode – I did not see it coming – I thought it was okay, although deflating, it fitted with the story.

So, what has next season got in store for us? The Tyrion/Sansa relationship showed glimpses of improvement towards the end of the finale. Will Brann kick major ass or will Tywin finally snap that little shit Goffrey once and for all? We’ll have to wait until March/April 2014. *sad face*