Earlier this week, Matthew McConaughey won the best actor award at the 2014 Oscar Awards. In his acceptance speech, he thanked God;

“First off I want to thank God – because that’s who I look up to. He has graced my life with opportunities I know are not of my hand or any human hand.”

Not surprising, given the religiousness of a lot of the population of the United States. My initial reaction was that I thought it odd, but not surprising and that it’s good that he can thank God in such an environment. He feels strongly and deeply about it and felt it necessary to reveal that.

Today, I read an article by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Sam de Brito questioning why he did it and that it ruined the situation:

Non sequiturs aside, McConaughey’s words hit me like ice water dashed on my chest. It was as if I’d discovered a close friend is an anti-vaxer or my partner sees dead people.

How could you disappoint us like this Matthew? I mean, when I’m looking for rationality and logic, if I can’t depend on Hollywood, who can I?

Needless to say, I was a little appalled at the tone of the article. Why can’t a person thank God publicly? Why must we hide away in closets and keep our belief in God in there? You’re welcome to believe in whatever you want, so why can’t Mr McConaughey say what he said to the world?  What bugs me, is that Sam is chastising McConaughey for publically thanking God, in a major Australian publication. So you can do it [push your beliefs on others], but McConaughey can’t, is that it?

Although, if you’re looking to Hollywood for rationality and logic, then you’re messed up more than I give you credit for. End rant.